Brian Billings

Hello My Name Is...

Coach Billings

Painting the Field

Physical Education Teacher
Asst. Football Coach
Head Men's Track Coach
Expert in Chinese Multiplication

FAll Semester
1st Per.  Advanced PE
2nd Per.  Planning
3rd Per. Health/ PE
4th Per. Health/ PE

Spring Semester
1st Per.  Planning
2nd Per.  Health/PE
3rd Per. Health/PE
4th Per. Advanced PE

PE Expectations:

1. Be prepared to dress out Everyday no matter what. Tennis Shoes, athletic wear. NO FLIP FLOPS or BOOTS.  Make sure clothing is safe and appropriate, according to student handbook.

2. Participate with a positive attitude.

3. Cell Phones can be used, with ear phones, for music during fitness activities. If it is abused this can change.

4. Safety Procedures: You must be visible at all times. Be alert at all times.  If you are going to be out of sight you must have permission from the teacher.

5. Do not have FOOD OR DRINK  in Gym or weight room with the exception of water in a resealable container. It will be thrown away.

What Happens if I don't meet expectations?

First Offense: sent to 5A and get a warning.

2nd Offense: sent to 5A and lunch detention.

3rd Offense:  Sent to 5A and  2 lunch detentions.

4th Offense: Sent to 5A and ASD.

Assessment Schedule:

Monday: Minor Fitness Assessment

Tuesday: Minor Fitness Assessment

Wednesday: Minor Fitness Assessment

Friday: Pacer Fitness Test (Major Assessment)

Participation  Major Assessments
Dressing out
Pacer Test
Health Projects
Daily Fitness Assessments  Minor Assessments
Daily Health Class Work