Derrick Stokes

Derrick Stokes


Catawba College: B.S. in Physical Education
High Point University: Teaching Certification
Assistant Football Coach
Head Basketball Coach
1st Planning
2nd Freshman PE
3rd Freshman PE
4th Advance PE
PE Expectations/Grading

1. Dress out Everyday no matter what. Tennis Shoes, athletic wear. NO FLIP FLOPS or BOOTS

2. Participate with a positive attitude.

3. Cell Phones can be used for music during fitness activities. If it is abused this rule can change.

4. Safety Procedures: When outside you must be visible at all times. Be alert at all times.

5. NO FOOD OR DRINK is allowed in Gym or weight room with the exception of water. It will be thrown away.

What Happens if I Break one of
these Rules?

First Offense: sent to 5A and get a warning.

2nd Offense: sent to 5A and lunch detention.

3rd Offense:  Sent to 5A and  2 lunch detentions.

4th Offense: Sent to 5A and ASD.

Assessment Schedule:

Monday: 1 mile or fitness assessment

Tuesday: 800 meters or fitness assessment

Wednesday: 400 meters or fitness assessment

Thursday: no assessment

Friday: Pacer Test. Benchmark set weekly.

Running Grading Rubric


1600 meters

800 meters

400 meters

15 meters Pacer Test

 100= 8:00 minutes or less or best time.

100= 4:00 minutes or less or best time

100= 2:00 minutes or less or best time

100=completion of 40 laps on the beeps.

90= anything in between 8 minutes and 15 minutes.

90= anything in between 4 minutes and 7 minutes.

90= anything in between 2 minutes and 3:30 minutes.

90= completion of 30 laps or more on the beeps.

60= 15:00 minutes or more

60= 7:00 minutes or more

60= 3:30 or more

60= completion of 40 but not on the beeps.

0= Anything less than a mile

0= Anything less than 2 laps.

0=anything less than a lap.

0=no attempt


· Participation/ Dressing out/ Pacer Test/ Major Grades: 60%

· Assessments/ Minor Grades: 40%
.Final Exam: 20%