Katrina Rose

Hello My Name Is...

Katrina Rose


First off, I want to welcome each and every one of you to my class! I am eager to begin this semester and excited to get the chance to work with you. I strongly believe that if we all work together we can all have a positive, successful semester. I have my Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from Gardner Webb University. I am certified Math Education Grades 9 - 12 from North Carolina State University
I also have my certification from High Point University in K - 6 education.

1st Period -  Math 1 Year Long
2nd Period - Planning
3rd Period - Math 1 Year Long
4th Period - AFM

For Reminder for Class Assignments please sign up for remind.    Both Parents and students are encouraged to sign up.
Text a message to: 81010
Send a message with the following
1st period and 3rd period: @ ae83a7
4th period: @ e74e46

Contact Information: krose@davidson.k12.nc.us
(336) 853 - 8082 ext 4528


Math I, formerly known as Algebra I, is an integrated math course that starts with easier concepts that gradually becomes harder. The order for Math I was determined with the students’ best interests in mind. Students will be expected to learn concepts and apply those concepts to real world problems.

To complete the course the student must have at least a “D” (60) for the semester.  It is imperative that the student is on time and present in class day in and day out. A passing grade in this class is required for graduation and to enroll in future math classes, such as Math II, Math III, and a fourth math.

There will be a required exam for this course at the end of the semester. It will count 20% of your final grade.  There will also be no retakes for the exam.

Materials Needed:

- 3 ring Binder/Notebook- - 5 dividers - Pencils (NO PENS!) - Highlighters

- TI-84 (Optional: A calculator is provided for class use only!)

Classroom Expectations: #1 – BE ON TIME:






Grades will be composed of class work, homework, quizzes, tests, activities, projects, and participation. Tests will count more than class work/homework/quizzes. The final exam for the class will count 20% of your semester average for the class.

Major  – 60%

Minor – 30%

Homework/Classwork – 10%


I will be here on Monday and Thursday afternoons. If these days do not work for you, it is important that you come by one day in advance to set up a tutoring session. ALL students can succeed, so I strongly encourage students to ask questions inside and outside of the classroom.   

I reserve the right to deny any student tutoring for lack of effort or behavior during class time.