Brad Craven

Hello My Name Is...

Brad Craven

I will be teaching Earth Science and Biology this year at West Davidson High School.  I have a B.S. in Kinesiology with a concentration in Sports Medicine from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.  This will be my fifth year in education.  

Fall 2016
1st: Honors Biology 
2nd: Biology                
3rd: Planning 
4th: Biology                   

Spring 2017

1st: Biology
2nd: Planning
3rd: Biology
4th: Honors Earth Science 

Grading Policies

First 9 weeks:         40% of student overall grade
Second 9 Weeks:     40% of student overall grade
Final:                      20% of student overall grade

Exams/Labs:                                 60% of student class average
Homework/Quizzes/Participation:    40% of student class average 

Attendance Policy

Students cannot miss more than eight class meetings in one semester.  After the eighth absence the student will receive a failing grade for the course.  Students will not be able to make up days.
If a student misses more than four days per 9 weeks, they will receive an incomplete for that grading period.  If they do not exceed the 8 day maximum by the end of the semester, the calculated grade for that nine weeks will be factored into the student's overall grade for the course.