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Joe Patterson

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Class Schedule

1st Period: American History 1 (Honors)
2nd Period: American History 1 (Honors)
3rd Period: American History 1 (Regular)
4th Period: Planning Period

Grading Scale

Major Works: Tests, Projects, Presentations = 60%
Minor Works: Quizzes, Maps, Flipboard Presentations = 30%
Classwork/Hmwrk: In-class work, Vocabulary, Notebooks = 10% 

Educational Background

West Davidson High Graduating Class of 2010
Appalachian State University in 2014
(Degree in Bachelors in Arts/Sciences with History Major + Concentration in secondary education) 


Class PowerPoints and notes can be found within "Useful Links" choose among "AP GOV" or "American History 1" or "Civics and Econ"