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Dear Students and Parents/Guardians:


Welcome to Foods and Nutrition 1 & 2. I am looking forward to getting to know each of you this semester, and I am here to help you! If you need to contact me, please call 336-853-8082 ext. 4576 or email me at [email protected]  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns throughout the semester.

Needed Materials:

1 Spiral Notebook





Colored Pencils/Markers (helpful)

Rules of Conduct:

  1. Follow ALL school rules.
  2. Be in the classroom, in your seat, when the bell sounds.
  3. Be prepared.
  4. Be respectful of yourself and others.
  5. Do not sleep or lay your head on your desk during class time.
  6. Keep all cell phones and electronic devices put away during class until given permission otherwise.

Cell Phone Policy:

Cell phone use will not be allowed during class time for ANY REASON other than academic use. The consequences for cell phone use will be the following;

1st offense- “cell jail” phone will be placed in a classroom bin and returned to the    student at the end of class.

2nd offense- phone will be confiscated and tuned in to the office to be returned to the student at the end of the school day.

3rd offense- phone will be confiscated, turned in to the office, and returned to a parent.

NO FOOD OR DRINK IS ALLOWED IN THE CLASSROOM except on lab days. Bottled water is fine to have every day.


Bathroom Policy:

Students are given 10 minutes between classes to take care of business. Anyone who leave the classroom to visit the bathroom during class time, will stay 5 minutes after class to make up lost time.


Classroom Consequences:

Students are expected to be respectful and responsible. Discipline for misbehavior may include, but is not limited to: in school suspension, write ups, exclusion from labs, office referrals. Students who fail to serve the extra 5 minutes after class receive an automatic 3 hour after school detention.




Major Works: 60%

Minor Works: 40%


Major works refer to, but are not limited to: tests, projects, labs, and presentations.

Minor works refer to, but are not limited to: classwork, quizzes and group work.


Attendance and Tardies:

In order to succeed in this class, students MUST be present! Students are only allowed 8 absences per semester. Exceeding 8 absences will result in not receiving credit for the class. If an absence is absolutely necessary, the student is responsible for making up the work that he/she missed. In order to receive credit for the class, a student may not miss more than eight days in that class.


When you are absent:


Class assignments:  the student is responsible for checking the class notebook, class work bin, and asking the teacher for missed assignments.


Quizzes and tests: the student will make-up the quiz/test before or after school on a date the student arranges with the teacher.


Late work: will be graded for half credit. 5 or more days after an absence, any work submitted will be considered late and graded accordingly.


Tardies: Any student who is tardy to class will stay 5 minutes after class. Consequences for multiple tardies:


5 tardies- 1 hr. after school detention

10- tardies- 2 hrs. after school detention

15 tardies- 3 hrs. after school detention

20 tardies- 1 day of suspension


Please read and discuss these policies and procedures, and keep this copy somewhere that you can access it if needed. Return only the attached form by September 8, 2017 . I am excited about the semester to come, as I hope you are! Again, please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.






Kelsey James







I, ___________________, acknowledge that I have read and discussed the above syllabus with my son/daughter, _____________________, and we agree to the policies stated within the syllabus.


Student Signature   ___________________________________________


Parent Signature   ____________________________________________


Parent Contact: Phone:___________________   Email: _________________________




*Please return the signed form to Mrs. James by September 8th, 2017.*