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I am an exceptional children's teacher. I teach a program called Occupational Course of Study. Students in this program are special education qualified and have an IEP. These students will go directly into the workforce upon graduation from high  school. The diploma for this program is based on both academics and work hours within the school and within the community.  Instruction for these students is modified to fit their individual needs with much support from 2 teacher assistants (job coaches). Much instruction is centered on job skills in order for students to become productive adult citizens. I became a teacher later in life after playing the support role for a husband in the military and in civilian life, and I am in my eighteenth year. 
The best time to contact me is 1:30-3:00. The following is my schedule:
1st. Period-Occupational Preparation
2nd. Period-Career Training
3rd. Period-Occupational Preparation
4th. Period-NCVPS online courses