R. M. Tolles

R. M. Tolles (Email: [email protected])
B.S. Ed - Social Studies - Western Carolina Univ.
B.S. Ed Add on - Special Education - High Point Univ.
M.A.Ed - American History - Western Carolina Univ.
M.A.Ed - Two Year Com. College Ed - Western Carolina University
Social Studies Department Chair
1st Responder
Schedule: 2019-2020
First Semester                                         Second Semester
1st -  American History I                   1st -  Psychology
2nd - Plan                                         2nd - Plan
3rd -  American Studies (AP)            3rd - APUSH
4th -  American History I                   4th - Psychology
Student Supplies:
               3 Ring Binder (medium to large)
               Pens and Pencils
               Colored Pencils