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Katrina Rose

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Welcome to a new year of Math.   I am excited to have each of you in my class this year.    I have a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Mathematics Education 9 -12 from North Carolina State University.    I also have a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Elementary Education from High Point University.    I decided to return to the classroom and I earned a Masters of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction from Gardner Webb.    This is my tenth year of teaching at West Davidson High School.  

1st Period - Honors Math 2

2nd Period - Math 1

3rd Period - Planning

4th Period - Honors Math 2

Classroom Expectations:

#1 – BE ON TIME:





Class Consequences:

The nature of the infraction dictates the consequence. Some can be taken care of in class, while others require office intervention, as covered in the student handbook. Repeated disruptions will eventually lead to an office referral if the steps in #1 and 2 are not effective.

  1. Verbal warning

  2. Conference with student, change seat, parent contact, parent conference

  3. Office Referral

**I reserve the right to change the order or take other appropriate actions to deal with problems that arise.


Grades will be composed of class work, homework, quizzes, tests, activities, projects, and participation. Tests will count more than class work/homework/quizzes. The final exam for the class will count 20% of your semester average for the class.

Major  – 60%

Minor – 30%

Homework/Classwork – 10%


Attendance is vital for success in Math 1.    When an unexpected absence occurs, the student is responsible for any missed assignments and according to the student handbook has 5 days to complete the work.   As per the Davidson County Policy, students will be allowed 8 absences during the semester.    They will not be allowed to make up any absences.   Also, if a student misses 4 or more absences in the first 9 weeks then they will receive a FF as their 9 week score.